Thanks to Malmö Festivalen for providing a great site for the pavilion and a super festival! We're happy to be part of this project and making sure all the festival's visitors get a chans to experience the latest and the greatest from the architecture scene!


XL Bygg Hans Anders provided all the timber to Percolate. Special thanks to Bength Blomqvist for great service and support!


The engineers at WSP assured us that the structure would hold. Special thanks to Tomas Carlsson and Jonas Stålbrand for great and flexible collaboration during the design process!


Aaxsus provided the lighting and made sure the pavilion looked awesome during the night as well! Special thanks to Mikael Risén for the fastest support in the business!


Without bolts and screws, no pavilion. Thanks to ITAB everything was neatly assembled.


Need a clip shot with a drone as awesome as ours? Then Philp Areskoug is the guy to talk to!


Thanks to Anna Lindberg and Tellus Flaggor och Reklam for providing banners to Percolate!